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The #FishBra Phenomenon That Took Instagram By Storm


#FishBra is a trending hit Instagram, and as you'll see, women are proudly showing off their fishing assets.

When a fish craze hits the picture-sharing site Instagram, we naturally check it out and see if it's worth following.

Here's one in which women anglers, proud of their catch like they should be, display a fish in front of their bare breasts.

Tagged using the term #FishBras, a quick search of Instagram will reveal a plethora of entries, and that number is growing on a daily basis.

What seems to be a trend started mainly by saltwater anglers (it helps that they are mostly clad in bikinis), northern gals are also getting into the spirit by proudly displaying bass, perch, muskie, and pike.

Here's a collection of Fish Bra photos

At the least, #FishBras is certainly a creative way for anglers to show off a great catch. Of all the internet hashtags, this is one we never would have predicted!

Social tends to be the place we share our outdoor adventures, and if fish lingerie is how we're going to do it, then more power to you.

And hey, fishing is supposed to be fun, so who are we to complain?

One piece of advice: keep an adequate distance from those toothy catches!

This post was first published in July, 2018



The #FishBra Phenomenon That Took Instagram By Storm