10 Mother's Day Gifts From an Outdoorsman to an Outdoorswoman

We all love mom and she loves the outdoors. Get her something special this year with one of these Mother's Day gift ideas.

There are many special moms in the world that deserve more than money can buy. When it comes to Mother's Day, we want to make sure we are getting her something just as special as she is, but also something practical.

Whether you are shopping for your mother, your mother in-law, or the mother of your children, here is a list of special gifts you can get that will make any mom feel happy this Mother's Day.

1. Stylish, Compact Folding Chair: $27 via Amazon

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Eddie Bauer

These are extremely comfortable and portable. Give mom the gift of comfort as she sits on the sidelines watching your sporting events this year. Double up and both dad and mom can enjoy the comfort while camping all summer long.

2. YETI Camino Carryall: $149 via YETI

When you think YETI, of course you think coolers. But when it comes to their Camino Carryall, it's about style, design, and the capability to have a bag that carries everything.

Let's face it, Mom always has to pack for herself, the kids, and most of the time the husband too. This tote bag will keep your wet things contained from making a mess everywhere. It will also keep your dry gear inside protected from the wet outside elements.

3. Women's Cloud Cap Stretch Rain Jacket: $89 via Eddie Bauer

This one's built to handle any foul weather mom might encounter during her outdoor adventures. Sporting a 2.5-layer, fully seam-sealed shell that is waterproof, highly breathable and unlike most stiff rain jackets. It is created from a nylon/spandex stretch fabric that makes this one of the most comfortable and mobile rain jackets out there. When the weather is good, the jacket stows compactly in the right hand pocket and can fold up better than Mom's umbrella. 

4. Eva Shockey's Bedding Collection: $119 Cabelas

Most moms love clean, new, and comfortable. Nothing says all of those things like a new bedding collection from Cabela's. Eva Shockey's bedding collection has quickly become a favorite to many. This set would be a great gift to mom for all her hard work during the day allowing her that clean, new, comfort at night.

5. QALO Silicone Stackable Ringset: $28.68 via QALO

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For the active moms who love to get outside, but often end up leaving their wedding and engagement rings inside.

The QALO silicone stackable ringset can allow Mom to hit the beach, gym, or garden in style. The QALO ringset will ensure mom can still sport her love for her spouse while not risking losing or damaging her expensive rings. If she works with her hands, this is an ideal gift for safety as well.

6. GARMIN Forerunner 35: $149 via Amazon

Moms love trendy, and with a brand name like GARMIN they are not only getting style, they are getting reliability.

The GARMIN Forerunner 35 is a watch any mom would love. Whether or not she is active, she can always have access to her heart rate. She can also have comfort of direction with a built in GPS and because it's built by GARMIN you know it's accurate. Mom will also be able to read notifications, messages and many other extras as the watch connects to her phone keeping her updated throughout the day.

7. Thermacell Radius Mosquito Repeller: $42 via Amazon

Keep her enjoying her time outdoors this summer with the Thermacell Radius. It is scent free and provides a protection area of 110 square feet. Perfect for camping, outdoor patios or anywhere mosquitos are an issue; mom will thank you over and over again when she is enjoying herself and her company; mosquitos not invited.

8. Scent Crusher Room Clean: $149 via Cabelas

Here's a tool to give mom less time cleaning the bedroom or bathroom and more time doing the things she loves. The Scent Crusher Room Clean is an ozone generator that plugs right into the outlet of the room you want to attack odors in.

We use it in the bathroom where we wash our dog, as we've spent countless hours trying to vent it out through the small window. Adding the Scent Crusher Room Clean took care of the after work and the dog odors are gone in just 30 minutes of use. Mom will thank you.

9. Hi-Mountain Seasoning Rub Blends: $9.99 via Cabela's

Make her a delicious flame broiled or barbecue dinner without the restaurant bill. Hi Mountain Seasoning has a collection of rub blends available for ribs, steaks, poultry, and more.

It's beyond delicious, easy to use, and a simple gift that gives back to the gift giver. If mom loves to cook she will love the addition of the Hi-Mountain Seasoning Rub Blends to her collection.

10. Spending Time Together in the Outdoors

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After recently posting a pole on social media, we found that most moms want time with their families on Mother's Day. It's a simple gift, inexpensive, and one that means more than most.

Spend time with your your moms this Mother's Day. If it is your own mother, your wife, or even your mother in-law, time spent making memories is the number one gift most moms around the world are looking for.

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