$8 Yoda Halloween Costume for Cats Is Out of This World

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Let your furry friend shine this Halloween! Cats are especially popular around this holiday. From cat woman costumes, black cat folklore, and Halloween decor, our kitties are iconic.

Grab some cat ears and face paint if you want to go as a cat, but your furry friend definitely wants to go as something other than themselves. Sure, if you have a black cat, you could always say they're Salem or Thackery Binx, but Amazon has a great selection of cat costumes for our precious pets, and they are purr-fect.

Halloween Costumes for Cats

1. Rubie's Costume Company Pizza Slice Pet Suit

Rubies has some of the best pet costumes! I love this. This pizza costume doesn't look uncomfortable, and it's priced right under $17.

Rubies also has a pet Halloween costume that will turn your furry friend into a taco!

2. Cat Bat Wings

The cutest! It's a simple and easy costume for your kitten. Surely your pet cat will feel the Halloween spirit with this one. Customers gave the bat cat costume 4.3 out of 5 stars and said the cute costume is well made.

3. Cat Cowboy Costume

"Mammas, don't let your fur babies grow up to be cowboys." (Or whatever Willie Nelson said.) This cowboy costume comes in three sizes. Be sure to check the measurements before buying!

4. Lion Mane Costume for Cat

A lion mane is an adorable costume for a kitty cat! Truly fitting for our feline friends.

5. Peacock Costume with Hat for Small Dogs & Cats

Your kitty will be the prettiest peacock with this cat costume!

6. Unicorn Hat for Cats

Definitely not a spooky costume, but it is ridiculously cute. Your cat will be the center of attention at your Halloween party with a unicorn costume.

7. Spider Costume

I have to be honest, I would love scaring people with this costume! Imagine your cat pouncing from their cat tree and your guest thinking you have a major spider issue!

8. Rubie's Classic Star Wars Pet Headpiece

Choose between Yoda ears or Leia buns! These headpieces are a must-have for fur parents who love Star Wars or anything Disney-related.

9. Cat Pumpkin Costume

I love this! If your kitten doesn't mind taking family photos, this would be a great outfit for some fun pumpkin patch trips or Halloween pictures.

The pumpkin cat costume is only $9.

This is one of the best cat Halloween costumes yet! It's too funny.

11. Impoosy Pet Dog Shirts Funny Cat Wizard Costume Cute Apparel Soft Clothes with Glasses

Let your cat dress up in a wizard costume and tell people he's Harry Potter! "Muggles" will love it.

If you're still looking for trending costume ideas, keep in mind that many small and X-small dog Halloween costumes can fit cats. If you have other pets you need Halloween inspiration for, check out these horse Halloween costumes!

This post was originally published on September 23, 2019.

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