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It’s Never Too Early to Start: 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hunter

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Valentine’s Day is a day even for us hunters.

These 10 Valentine’s Day gifts are just perfect for the hunter and what better way to celebrate than with with the activity you both love.

1. Nothing says romantic like cuddling under a camouflage comforter set.

Price $99.99-$159.99 depending on size.

Bed Bath and Beyond



2. His and hers pistols!

What says romantic as a friendly range competition with his and hers own pistol?

Glock Talk


3. Book a romantic hunting trip for two. 

The perfect get-away!

Pin img


4. Engraved knives.

What a great way to give a great usable gift that the hunter will cherish for years, at home and in the field.



5. Matching camouflage rings. 

These will announce to the world that you both are hunters and proud of it!



6. Comfortable and the right fit, the huntress will feel right at home with this gift.

Get her something soft and silky. For guys, how about camouflage flannel pajamas in a matching color?

The Camo Shop


7. Deer antler leather bracelet.

Soft, aged leather with deer antler design, this country-style bracelet shows the wearer loves to chase the deer. Great gift for men or women! Price: $25.



8. Camouflage cook set comes with apron, oven mitt and pot holder.

Great for those romantic cookouts of harvested game.

The Camo Shop


9. A pink range bag for the lady.

This can be her personal range bag and she can put what she wants in hers without the guys digging through it to find that box of .22 at the bottom. A pink bag will repel them like DEET insect repellent does for skeeters.

Follow this up with a nice new range bag for the man, in something other than pink, and both can enjoy.

Scope Haven


10. Nothing better than a new pair of shoes, or hunting boots!

Keep your mate’s feet warm and dry and they will be much happier. This works with the guys and the gals, insert full camouflage or green boots below instead of pink for the boys.

Gander Mountain




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It’s Never Too Early to Start: 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Hunter