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5 Hunting Lodges That Your Wife Would Love

Sometimes it's hard to find hunting lodges your wife will love as much as you do. Here's some help.

It can be a bit difficult to get your spouse or your kids excited about a rustic vacation with a focus on hunting. While you might live for the chance to get out into the woods, enjoy the silence, and sleep in a tent or a rickety old cabin, non-hunters don't always appreciate such elements.

Luckily, hunting lodge owners are solving your dilemma for you, combining five-star accommodations with traditionalistic hunting atmospheres.

If you want to get your wife to agree to a hunting-minded vacation, the five hunting lodges we've included on this list will likely help you to win the argument. Best of all, they're all right here in the United States, so you won't have to go too far to find a luxurious hunting experience.

View the photos to see the ideal hunting lodges for your next trip.

Stasney's Cook Ranch

Photo via nighthawkpublications

For the wife who likes red meat as much as you do, the Stasney's Cook Ranch in Albany, Texas might just be the ideal vacation spot.

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The food at this lodge is out-of-this-world, from thick, juicy bacon at breakfast to some of the finest steaks you will ever taste at dinner. There is a good reason that many couples choose to hold their wedding receptions at the ranch's "Cook Shack." The accommodations offer a nice balance between rustic atmosphere and modern comforts, and the hunting opportunities - which range from dove, quail, and turkey to whitetail deer and wild hogs - are certainly no slouch either.

Three Forks Ranch

Photo via Luxury Travel

When you envision the perfect hunting lodge in your head, your idyllic vision probably matches pretty close to what you'll find at Three Forks Ranch. Located in Savery, Wyoming, Three Forks feels like a relic from a bygone area.

The high ceilings, the comfortable armchairs, the roaring fires, and the taxidermy on the walls will make you feel comfortable and at home right away. It's not all about aesthetics and atmosphere, here, however.

Three Forks Ranch offers a range of activities, from fly fishing trout in the many nearby rivers and streams to stalking deer and elk across the expansive countryside. There are even options for non-hunters, including horseback riding and ATV rentals. Add the incredibly comfortable bedrooms, the on-site spa, and the lodge's restaurant - which, true to the rest of the lodges on this list, serves unbeatable food and drink - and there's a good chance you'll never want to leave Three Forks after you arrive.

Ox Hunting Ranch

One of the greatest hunting ranches in Texas, Ox Hunting Ranch offers more than 50 exotic game species, plus the plethora of Texas native animals. The cabins are incredible, and the lodging accommodations rival the best hunting ranches in the world.

King & Bartlett Fish and Game Club

Photo via King & Bartlett

It's difficult not to fall in love with Maine's King & Bartlett Fish and Game Club simply for the spacious private woods and lakes it provides to hunters and anglers.

Situated on approximately 40,000 acres of land, King & Bartlett boasts hunting and fishing opportunities that you can only access if you are a guess at the lodge. For that reason alone, the King & Bartlett Fish and Game Club is arguably the most popular hunting lodge in all of Maine.

Both the lodge and a series of modernized guest cabins overlook the pristine and calming waters of the King and Bartlett Lakes, making this the perfect place to retreat if you need some peace and quiet. Grouse, moose, and deer are the prime game animals you'll be pursuing, while the 14 lakes and ponds on the property play host to booming populations of trout and salmon.

Rancho Caracol

Photo via

Located in Brownsville, Texas, right on the border between Texas and Mexico, Rancho Caracol gives a unique and cultured Mexican-style vacation that you won't find from any other luxury vacation spot, much less a hunting lodge.

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The accommodations speak for themselves, offering resort-style vacation experience (with swimming pools, hot tubs, delicious food options, and even a rooftop bar) as well as thrilling hunting opportunities.

Need to hone your skills before heading out into the wild? Stop by the ranch's clay pigeon shooting range to shake off the rust. As for guided hunts, Rancho Caracol focuses on birds, with specialized and all-inclusive dove and quail hunts worth every penny of their hefty price tags.

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