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5 Reasons Why Hunting With Your Significant Other Is A Good Idea

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Hunting With Your Significant Other May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Everyone knows that taking your spouse or significant other hunting is a bad idea. Or is it?

Here are five good reasons why you should consider making your special someone your new hunting buddy.

1.) It's a great way to spend quality time together

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Everyone loves investing in their relationship with that special someone. We spend an untold number of dollars every year on movies, vacations, dinners, concerts, and countless other things in the pursuit of "quality time" with the people who are important to us.

What better way is there, then, than to spend time outdoors with someone you love? Unlike many other activities, hunting provides almost no distractions, no interruptions, nothing else demanding your time. There are no ringing cell phones, no honking cars, no screaming kids, no upset bosses, and no nagging in-laws. Time in the woods or on the water is an awesome way to invest in your relationship with that special someone.

You may laugh so hard you spook every deer in the county or spend hours communicating without speaking a word; either way, it will be absolutely worth it.

2.) It's a good excuse to spend money

Every year, married hunters spend 100% more money than their non-hunting spouse thinks is necessary in the pursuit of their chosen quarry. While this can lead to great conflict, it can also be turned into a great opportunity.

Instead of arguing with the one you love, why not turn them into your hunting (or fishing, or shooting) buddy? If you're wise enough and skilled enough to accomplish this, every dollar you spend can be attributed to increasing their enjoyment of, and proficiency in, the outdoors. Everything from weapons, to clothes, to accessories; you now can spend twice the money with none of the guilt! Your trips to your favorite outdoor retailer no longer have to be kept secret, and can in fact earn brownie points.

3.) You get the joy of introducing someone to the outdoors

There is perhaps no other way to fully enjoy something than to introduce someone else to it. Almost everything that we're passionate about was probably something we were introduced to by someone else. Sharing your passion is a surefire way to enjoy it even more.

While many of us were introduced to hunting by a father, grandfather, or even an uncle, don't limit yourself to just these sorts of relationships. While you may have taken a son, daughter, niece, nephew, or the child of a friend hunting before, there's no experience quite like hunting with a spouse or significant other.

4.) It builds understanding

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Hunting is, without a doubt, one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented sports in America. Those who don't know just don't, and no amount of sharing about the beauty of nature, the enjoyment of preparation, and the adrenaline-pumping thrill when that Booner buck or huge gobbler steps into view can help them understand. It's something they just have to experience.

Spouses seem to be especially prone to this misunderstanding, and what better way is there to help them understand your passions than to take them along? They won't know how hearing a throaty gobble on an early spring morning makes a miserable winter worth it, or how wrapping your hands around some antlers was worth every dime, unless they see it.

While they may not become a proficient hunter or even catch your enthusiasm for the outdoors, they will at least understand why you do what you do just a little bit more. Which, in the long run, is all most of us are asking for.

5.) When you miss, you'll have someone to share the blame

No one likes to admit it, but we all make mistakes. Even the biggest, baddest, most heavily bearded hunter gets buck fever from time to time. We've all dropped things from treestands, or called a bit too much, or guessed the wind wrong, or forgotten a piece of vital gear. Nothing stings like missing an opportunity because of a dumb mistake.

If you spooked a deer, maybe it was because they moved to much, or their phone rang. If you hunt with your significant other, you have someone else to at least help you save face with your buddies.

Not only do you have someone else to blame your mistakes on, but you can also spin it in a way that makes you look great. When you retell the story of how you missed the one that got away, you can hint around as to why, and only passively blame your sweetie if backed into a corner. Not only do you then save face, but you look humble while doing it.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not pinning this strictly on females, you can just as likely blame a fellow hunter of the same sex (or, if you're a lady, blame your man!) this way too. Just do it sparingly, and without being accusatory.

After all, no one wants to hunt with someone who always blames their mistakes on someone else.

These are just five reasons, but there are many, many more. Tell us in the comments why you love to hunt with your significant other.


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5 Reasons Why Hunting With Your Significant Other Is A Good Idea