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10 Best Reasonably-Priced Deer Stand Options

In the market for a new treestand?

There are thousands of choices, but when you boil it down, there are really only a few great stands on the market for your specific style of hunting.

Check out these 10 treestand options that will keep you hunting up high, for an affordable, value-proven price.

1. Guide Gear 25' Deluxe Double Rail Ladder Treestand

Sportsman's Guide

When you need to get way up in that tree, you pick something that's 25' tall. With steel construction, double rails, and a 300-pound capacity, you will have an eagle eye over the whole property (or at least the area you know the deer will be).

2.  Guide Gear 18' 2-Person Ladder Treestand

Sportsman's Guide

When hunting with a spouse, young apprentice, or in times where lots of extra room are required, a 2-person ladder stand is hard to beat. With a 500-pound weight capacity, this stand is tough enough for you and your hunting buddy. Sounds like a great date night to us.

3. Guide Gear 2-Man 12' Tower Treestand

Sportsman's Guide

If your property lacks good trees for a proper treestand, you have run into a problem. If you use a tower blind, you're giving yourself the height advantage without any need for trees. This 12-foot tall tower stand has enough room for two hunters.

4. Guide Gear Double Rail 360° Swivel 20' Ladder Treestand

Sportsman's Guide

Picture this: You're sitting up in your treestand and that monster buck comes in. Everything's lining up, but he picked an odd angle to approach your stand. You just can't wrap yourself around the tree enough for a good shot. We've all been there. That's when a swiveling seat on a treestand is a great asset.

5. Guide Gear Extreme Comfort Hang On Treestand

Sportsman's Guide

Sometimes the hang on treestand is the best choice. Strap it securely to the tree and you are ready to hunt. If you are ready to move or afraid someone might steal it, pack out the ladder or tree steps with you.

6. Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks

Sportsman's Guide

If you're using a hang on treestand, you don't ever want to forget your ladder. This 20' climbing stick disassembles into easy-to-carry sections. It sure beats the annoying screw-in steps that take forever to install and damage trees.

7. Guide Gear 12' Tripod Deer Stand

Sportsman's Guide

In open country, the solitary hunter has to find a way to adapt. You can even the odds by getting above the scrub brush, giving you the chance to see game far better. A 12-foot tall tripod stand will get you up high and give you a great rest for those precision shots.

8. X-Stand Kingpin 11' Tripod Tower Kit

Sportsman's Guide

A tower stand is on every deer hunter's wish list. This 11-foot tower stand will elevate your position and conceal you at the same time. How much better can it get?

9. X-Stand X-Scape Climbing Treestand

Sportsman's Club

A climbing treestand can be a hunter's best friend. If you find a quality one, it'll be easy to pack in and out. Change your locations easily with each hunt using something like the X-Scape climber.

10. Muddy Box Blind Combo, 16.5'

Sportsman's Guide

Go big or go home. When you buy a tower stand your hunting buddies will want to live in, you're doing it right. The Therma-Tek insulated design keeps you warm and scent free. It even has a carpeted floor. This tower stand has it all, just add hunters, firearms, and ammo.


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10 Best Reasonably-Priced Deer Stand Options