prep your hunting stand location

5 Great Things to Use That Will Help You Prep Your Hunting Stand Location

Getting your hunting stand location ready starts now.

Everyone should be paying attention to the vegetation growth, shooting lanes, and game trafficking areas near their hunting stands. With the proper tools, these tasks will go quick and painless.

These five products will allow you to prep your hunting stand location easily and effectively.

1. PoulanPro 18" Chainsaw

When you have a big cutting job, like large branches or even entire trees, a chainsaw is the easiest way to open up shooting lanes from saplings and other woody debris. What gets the job done faster than a chainsaw? Nothing short of heavy equipment.

2. HQ ISSUE Trail Cutter Machete

A good machete is a necessity for clearing out low vegetation and hanging vines or moss. This handy model has a brush hook and a serrated saw blade ready to take down any obstruction.

3. Hooyman 10 Expandable Tree Saw

An expandable saw is perfect for reaching limbs high up. Those annoying branches that block your vision while in your treestand will no longer be a problem.

4. Guide Gear 48" Tow-Behind UTV/ATV Plow

Putting in a food plot? Save your back and let your all terrain vehicle plow. A long, hard day can be done in a fraction of the time with the right equipment.

5. Antler King Mega Food Plot Starter Kit

When working a food plot, you'd better give them what they want. What will the game like best in your hunting area? Seven different seed packs along with Plot Max Soil Conditioner and PH Soil Test Kits will put you ahead of the game.