The 5 Best Products That Will Keep You Cool Outside This Summer

Anywhere you go outside the heat will find you this season.

Some products will help you beat the heat this hot summer.

These five things will keep you cool in the great outdoors, despite the rising temps and beating sun.

1. Guide Gear 90 Quart Cooler

It's very important to bring lots of cold fluids with you to stay hydrated anytime you hit the great outdoors. And when you have a large group, you'd better have a big watering hole.

A monster-sized cooler is perfect for the occasion, and if you're fishing, it will keep your catch nice and fresh, too.

2. Columbia Men's Cool Coil Short Sleeve

Yes, putting on a shirt can look cool, and keep you cool.

This 100% polyester moisture-wicking shirt with Freezer Coil™ evaporative cooling can take on the hot day's sun. With Omni-SHADE™ UPF 50 you will be well protected. 

3.  Henschel Breezer Hat with CoolMax Band

Shade your dome from the scorching sun and biting bugs. Whether you are fishing the swamps of Georgia or the farm ponds of Ohio, the danger of heat stroke is real. This hat with a neat CoolMax Band is a no brainer.

4. Under Armor Men's CoolSwitch Hybrid Crew Shirt

When long sleeves are necessary for sunny boat decks and fishing docks, this Under Armour shirt has you covered. With lots of color schemes available, you will be the best dressed on your next adventure (and the least sun burned, too).

5. Texsport Wayford Screen Armor

A screened cover is perfect for keeping the hot sun and bugs at bay. Relax outside without the glaring sun melting you into oblivion.