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Shooting X-Acto Knives Out of a Shotgun? These Guys Said Yes

Flying knives? That’s right, these guys shoot X-Acto knives out of a shotgun. 

These guys took twelve X-Acto knives, wired them together, stuck them to the end of their shotgun round, and then let them fly.

WARNING: Don’t try this at home.

A 12-gauge shotgun doesn’t need any help getting the job done, but these guys wanted to go above and beyond. They demonstrate the X-Acto round on various targets to see what kind of damage they can inflict.

The blades didn’t stay connected together in flight, but the X-Acto blades that hit their mark did some pretty impressive “slicing and dicing.” The added electrical tape for a “stabilizer” seemed to keep the blades in closer proximity for better accuracy and damage.

It would certainly seem that 12 X-Acto blades loaded into shotgun shell would be the most deadly, terrifying, macho round you could imagine. But there’s plenty of time-proven old school rounds that are very effective without gimmicky modifications. There is never a shortage of companies trying to play on people’s emotions coming out with gimmicky stuff… They are almost never more effective as a traditional round.

Agreed, sir.

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Shooting X-Acto Knives Out of a Shotgun? These Guys Said Yes