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Remember When These Tournament Anglers Literally Used Fish in a Barrel?


Some tournament anglers thought winning would be like shooting fish in a barrel. They thought wrong!

When there’s money on the line, tournament anglers will go to great lengths to win it, and some of them will even cheat. However, on many occasions, cheaters have been caught, and paid the price. It’s a growing trend of dishonorable conduct among competitors. Rest assured, if you cheat and get caught, nobody is going to cover your tracks.

A video shared with professional angler Toby Lillard by a Facebook fan shows a 55-gallon drum with holes drilled in it that had been sunken in the back of a slough on Barkley Lake in Kentucky. The drum was filled with several largemouth bass, all with culling buoys attached, and a trap door to place and remove bass from the drum.

As professional bass angler Toby Lillard said when sharing this post from his Facebook page:

“If you need to cheat, you need to quit!”

While the person in the video is removing fish from the barrel and releasing them individually, the best recommended course of action should you encounter something like this on the water is to mark the coordinates of the questionable fish trap and report it to the authorities.

Cheating in a bass tournament carries some pretty heavy penalties in most states, but the anglers have to be caught in order to prosecute them. Leaving the contraption where it is and notifying law enforcement will allow for an opportunity to set up a sting operation to catch the cheating anglers in the act.


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Remember When These Tournament Anglers Literally Used Fish in a Barrel?