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Dash Cam Footage of Officers' Final Engagement with Tulsa's Most Wanted Fugitive Has Been Released

Lethal force, in this case a patrol car, takes out armed suspect. Criminals take note.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have released dash cam videos from a lethal use of force incident occurring on March 18. During that pursuit, a suspect was run over and subsequently killed by a patrol officer.

The suspect, 21-year-old Madison Dickson, was wanted for a variety of gun-related crimes, including a shooting at a Best Buy, pointing a gun at someone outside of a movie theater, and shooting a woman in the arm at a Walgreens. She had been charged with intent to kill, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, attempted larceny and discharging a firearm in a public place from March 11 and March 12 incidents.

On March 18, Dickson led police on a chase as a passenger in a pickup truck. After exiting the vehicle during the pursuit, it is alleged that she fired shots at the officers, who in return fired back. Moments later, a patrol car jumped the curb and ran over Dickson, ultimately killing her.


View from second dash cam:

"If you have to use any means to end that threat - not necessarily that person's life, but to end that threat - that's what you do," Sergeant Shane Tuell with the Tulsa Police Department said.

Dickson was well known from two years before when she had stolen a Osage County Deputy's patrol car while handcuffed. As of last week, she was listed as Tulsa's most wanted fugitive.

Officer Jonathan Grafton is on paid leave as the investigation continues.

Justifiable force? Without a doubt.