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Camera Captures Awesome Reverse Angle Archery Shot On a Texas Hog [VIDEO]

Awesome Reverse Angle Archery Shot On A Hog In Texas

Check out this awesome close range, reverse angle archery shot on a hog this hunter in Texas managed to capture with some careful placement of his camera.

It’s no surprise that Texas has some of the best hog hunting in the United States. The internet is full of videos of interesting hog hunts in Texas using everything from suppressor equipped rifles to helicopters. Well, here’s a new one for you: a reverse angle video of a shot a guy makes on a hog with his bow.

This video combines a traditional angle taken from the view of the hunter with a reverse angle shot taken by a video placed just behind the hog. That camera captures the hunter, the arrow, and the hog, all in the frame at the same time.

If you watch carefully, you can see the arrow exit the hog and embed in the ground right in front of the camera.

Is that an awesome video or what? I wonder how many tries it took him to get the camera placement just right for that reverse angle shot…

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Camera Captures Awesome Reverse Angle Archery Shot On a Texas Hog [VIDEO]