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8 Alternative Campfire Setups You Should Try Out

A good campfire setup doesn’t always have to involve a raging fire.

 S Media
 S Media

Taking tips from other avid campers to see how they do things is a good idea. You never know what you will come across.

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These campfire setups might spark an interest for you to try a new gadget or to improve on what you have already been doing. From the grandiose to the small and practical, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these eight ideal campfire set ups you can try out on your next trip.

Jet Boil

Outdoor Gear Lab

This is the perfect set up when packing into a remote campsite.

Campfire in a can

Cool Things

This process seems easy enough for an effortless way of starting a campfire.


Gadgets and Gear

This takes the guess work and messiness out of s’more making.

Outdoor stove and oven combo

Geeky Gadgets

This gadget might come in handy for the right family.


In Habitat

This gadget allows you to charge your phone while you cook.

Amazing Cook Station

 S Media

This camp cook is the boss!

His and Her hot dog roasters


Here is a humorous way to roast hot dogs.

Rotisserie Station

Sportsman’s Guide

A great setup for feeding a large crowd.

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8 Alternative Campfire Setups You Should Try Out