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A .45-70 Head Shot Stops This Hog Cold

A .45-70 Head Shot Stops This Hog Cold

Though it can be challenging to pull off, a .45-70 head shot is a sure fire way to put even the biggest hogs down in their tracks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting feral hogs or even massive animals like a Cape Buffalo, a well-placed head shot will take the animal down in a hurry. Attempting a head shot can be risky because it’s such a small target, but the results are impressive when done correctly. The .45-70 head shot on a nice sized feral hog in the video below is a good example of what can happen when the hunter make a good shot when using a big bore rifle

Watch the video to see how it all went down. 

Pretty impressive, right? I don’t think that hog had any idea what happened. Better fire up the BBQ pit, because that guy just landed a bunch of wild hog meat!

As we saw with this hunter hunting hogs with an M1 Carbine, even a small, relatively low powered cartridge will do the job if you use good quality bullets and place your shots correctly. Well, this guy took things a step further by using the significantly more powerful .45-70 Government cartridge.

The same rules apply, though: hit the hog in the right place, and it won’t run very far at all after the shot. The only difference here is that this guy had a little bit more room for error with the .45-70 than a hunter using a smaller cartridge like the .30 Carbine.

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A .45-70 Head Shot Stops This Hog Cold