Zebra Watches over Herd of Goats Like the Best Watch Dog

Zinfandel makes a good mama. 

To a herd of 110 Boer goats, that is.

You see, a zebra named Zinfandel lives on Green Acres farm in Lebanon, Oregon who loves her herd of goats. Owner of the farm Norman Vizina has raised Zinfandel, or Lady Zin, since she was only 10 days old and it's clear that Zinfandel knows who actually runs the Boer goat farm. The zebra takes it upon herself to look after the herd of goats she shares the pastures with.

According to her owner, Zinfandel will kick, bite, and ram anyone who gets too close to her goats that she considers a threat. People who drive by the farm tend to do double takes...

Vizina told Inside Edition:

"These are her babies right here with us and she's keeping an eye on you guys."

Take a tour of the Oregon goat ranch and check out Zinfandel's watchful gaze as she stands near the goat herd.

Goats and zebras are herd animals so it makes sense that Zinfandel adopted the herd of goats as her own. Herd animals often look after one another by making sure to keep an eye on the horizon for lurking predators.

Farmer Vizina hopes to add one more zebra to Zinfandel's herd. His name is Mr. Z and he's only 19 months old but could be the newest stripey addition. That is, if Mr. Z passes Zinfandel's inspection. Norman Vizina and his wife Rosalinda Vizina hope Mr. Z and Lady Zin will have baby zebras someday. They also want to add more exotic animals to their farm, maybe even emus soon. 

Lots of animals you don't expect make great, albeit unconventional, watch dogs. Farmers know that having geese, llamas, and guinea fowl on their property are just as efficient as the toughest guard dogs. Geese will make it known to the entire neighborhood and beyond that someone they don't recognize is on the property. Llamas will herd the animals together if they see a threat and guinea fowl will attack anything from a snake to a fox that may be looking for an easy meal.


Here's a handy infographic we made in case you are looking to add more animals to your property that can double as protection.

Watch dog infographic

Or get a guard zebra like Zinfandel to watch over your animals!

Do you have uncharacteristic watch dogs on your property? Tell us in the comments below. 

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