Zebra Warthog
YouTube: LeopardTV

Zebra Knocks Warthog Out Cold With One Swift Kick

This warthog was seeing stars after this kick.

When it comes to meanest African animals, many people are likely to pick the cape buffalo, the hippo, rhino, or elephant as some of the crankiest animals wandering the plains of the Dark Continent. Often overlooked in this mix is the zebra. The black-and-white striped animals are often portrayed as peaceful grazers.

Which is partially true when the animals are quietly munching away on grasses. However, when a zebra's space is invaded, watch out. They have a short temper and it doesn't take much for them to react.

To see what we mean, just watch this short video of a poor warthog that gets a little too close to one. In a blow that would make an MMA fighter jealous, this zebra knocks a poor warthog cold momentarily with one swift kick of its hind feet. Watch closely, it happens fast.

Ouch! Yeah, that warthog had to be seeing stars after that blow. It's worth noting warthogs are tough animals and they do have thick skulls. However, not even that was enough to absorb the force from a blow by that zebra's muscular legs. Did you see how that warthog kept twitching after the hit? While it's unlikely, keep this video in mind in case you ever find yourself in close quarters to an agitated zebra. Stay away from those back legs!

The zebra's mean streak is not too surprising when you consider these animals are related to donkeys, who have a proven temper of their own when it comes to dealing with predators.

This isn't even the first time we've seen a zebra doing its best professional fighter imitation. The same YouTube channel, LeopardTV, has shared video of other zebra kicks in the past. Most notably, one in which another tough African animal, a wildebeest, gets knocked to the dirt by a single blow from a zebra's hoof.

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