Dead Zebra
YouTube: StoryTrender

Dead Zebra Has a Nasty Surprise Waiting for This Leopard

This leopard gets a nasty surprise after biting into a dead, bloated zebra.

We've all seen a dead, bloated animal before, either when we were driving down the road or possibly hiking through the woods. The dead animal that's filled with gas from the heat of the summer and could possibly explode any minute. We all know it's best to get away from them quickly... but apparently no one told this leopard.

During a morning patrol at the Djuma Private Game Reserve in Vuyatela, South Africa, one of the guides spotted a rare sight: a leopard making its way towards a dead zebra.

He quickly pulled his phone out to capture the moment when he and the leopard were met with a disgusting surprise. Just let us warn you before you watch this, that the video has some extremely graphic content. We do not recommend watching this while eating lunch!

My favorite moment, if you'd even call it that, was how the leopard just quickly steps to the side after being soaked with whatever the toxic mixture is that's spewing from the zebra. We can almost smell the stench of it from here.

He just has this look of shock on his face like, "What the heck did I just get sprayed with?"

At least the tourists who were watching this whole scene play out got a good laugh out of the whole thing. They have a great story to tell everyone back home about the grossest thing they saw during their safari. I also think the big cat learned a valuable lesson about taking a bite out of whatever animal he comes across. Hopefully he decided to leave that nasty mess alone and found the closest watering hole for a bath.