Zacua M3

Zacua is the First Mexican-Made Electric Car

Zacua says it will produce the first electric car ever made in Mexico by a Mexican-owned company.

The Zacua M2 and M3 were supposed to go on sale in limited quantities in November 2017, but it looks like sales have been delayed until this spring.

Zacua M2 electric car

The two models measure up at 3.06 meters long, 1.56 meters wide and 1.4 meters tall. That makes them half a meter longer and a bit wider than a Smart Fortwo and about the same height. The Zacuas, however, will weigh more than 100 kg more than the Fortwo. That's probably due to the Zacuas' batteries.

Zacua M3 electric car

The M2 is a fastback-styled coupe, while the M3's hatchback design offers more room for hauling.

Performance is advertised as 71-mile range per charge, with a limited top speed of 53 mph from the 46-hp electric motor. The lithium-ion battery is expected to fully charge in 8 hours. Expect the starting price to be about 440,000 pesos or $24,000.

Zacua M2 electric car

The company first plans to build just 100 cars for the Mexico City market, with a total of 200 in 2018. Next year, Zacua says its target is 300 cars out the door.

Though intended for Mexico City's congested streets, if the M2 and M3 is received well, Zacua says it could expand to other markets.


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