kid catching bass
Facebook: Velt Cooper

Young Man Lands Monster Bass on Memorial Day Weekend

Nothing in the world compares to watching a youngster lay hands on a big fish.

A young man by the name of Ke'mari Cooper had quite the Memorial Day weekend, as he went home having caught his personal-best largemouth bass on camera with a scale. However, he mentions after his catch that he'd actually caught a bigger one at some point prior.

It was no easy catch, either, as this kid had to leave all of his trust in the drag system on his spinning rod and reel combo.

Watch as this bass pulls line like a tuna making a run through a jet stream!

Watch the video below:

Think you would've ever stayed that calm at that young of an age? Would excitement of bass fishing alone get the best of you? Or, would the pressure start to creep in as you saw a personal-best bass splashing around only mere feet away from the boat?

Could you bear down and and let the ice flow through your veins as you manhandle a total toad?

That's undoubtedly what this kid did, seemingly remaining confident throughout the entire battle with a fish that ultimately weighed about 5.5 pounds.

Congratulations not only to Ke'mari, but also to his father, Velt! It's not as easy as it used to be to get kids interested in the outdoors, and yet our man in this clip has obviously done a fine job!

How old were you when you finally caught a fish this big? Have you ever caught a fish this big? Let us know!

This is the start of summer we all need to experience!