young lady teaches the anti-gun crowd a lesson
Facebook: Legally Armed and Proud

Young Lady Teaches the Anti-Gun Crowd What Guns are All About

Is it true a grown man got PTSD from shooting the low-powered AR-15 rifle?

This 14-year-old girl is about to put that question to rest for good by firing some high-powered weapons.

Listen closely this young lady teaches the anti-gun crowd a lesson they'll never forget.

Watch the video below:

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Many of us might remember the anti-gun writer who fired an AR-15 rifle. It bruised his ego and he cried to anyone who would listen that the rifle did horrible damage to him. Well sir, this young lady just put you in your place. Get ready to put on your dunce cap and hand over your pen.

In a video Legally Armed and Proud shared on Facebook, we see this young lady bring some truth to social media.

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