15-Pound Bass
YouTube: Emory Carver

Young Angler Freaks Out After Catching 15-Pound Bass on Camera

This young angler's big bass freak-out is the best thing you will see all day.

Everyone dreams of one day landing "the big one," and most anglers will spend their whole lives hoping they will catch it. Not all of them are successful. Few anglers are lucky enough to catch a truly gigantic bass at a young age. However, 13-year-old Emory Carver is the exception.

The young fisherman recently went fishing for bass on a small pond in Henry County, Alabama when he hooked into the largemouth bass of a lifetime, a 15-pound, 4-ouncer.

While some may have been quick to dismiss the teen's story as simply that, a fisherman's tale, he brought receipts. The entire catch was captured on the teen's GoPro camera and he uploaded the footage to YouTube for the whole world to see. Prepare to see a giant fish and a completely understandable reaction to catching it.

For everyone who says young people do not get outside and enjoy nature anymore, show them this video. This young man's excitement was palpable through the whole video. Who WOULDN'T have this reaction to catching a bass this large?

For a split second there, it looked like the fish of a lifetime was going to slip away when that bucketmouth slipped out of his hand. Luck was on Carver's side as the hook stayed embedded through the whole thing. In case you were wondering, the big fish struck at six-inch Yamamoto Senko.

This bass does not come close to the Alabama state record, but Carver told 6WBRC News he is fine with that. Most anglers go their whole lives just hoping to see a fish half the weight of what this teen just caught.

"That doesn't bother me," the teen told the news station. "You know, that's probably the biggest fish I'll ever catch in my life."

Hey, this kid is still young, that means plenty of time to at least try! Congratulations on your awesome catch Emory, from all of us here at Wide Open Spaces!

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