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You Won't Believe What Happens on This Quail Hunt

This talented hunter shows he's got "game." Small game that is.

This group was out hunting for quail in Louisiana when one when of the hunters did something totally unexpected.

What's better is that they actually caught this on video from a far enough angle to see the entire "play."

That's what makes this so sweet. Watch what happens at the end of this clip.

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Just when I thought we saw the some of the greatest catches in the Super Bowl, this guy shows that some of us hunters can also put on a show.

At first, this looks like a fairly average clip of some guys shooting birds and just when you think its over, you hear that one last shot.

You can see the hunter starts tracking the bird and ran about 15 yards, putting himself in perfect position.

That quail was way up in the air and the wind was actually blowing the bird around. Since he was carrying his gun, he had to make a sensational one-handed grab.

Maybe he should be catching punts for the Patriots?

Probably not. But he might take that dog's job.