You Need To Watch This Awesome Public Land Ted Talk By Randy Newberg

You Need to Watch This Awesome Public Land Ted Talk by Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg breaks down all the benefits public land provides the United States.

Randy Newberg's love for public land is no secret. Not only does he do almost all of his hunting on public land, but he's also a fierce advocate of continued management by the federal government. Not surprisingly, he recently gave a public land Ted Talk in Helena, Montana, where he delivered a succinct, but powerful message on how public land fits in with the American Dream.

Watch and listen as he goes over the history of public land in the United States, the benefits those lands continue to provide average Americans and why it's so important to maintain those lands in the public trust.

Well done, Randy!

The concept of public land is an almost uniquely American idea. Indeed, in no other country in the world do citizens have access to such vast amount of land held in the public trust. It's only due to the work of conservationists like Theodore Roosevelt that all of that land was preserved for those still "in the womb of time."

Like Randy says, we were those people President Roosevelt was referring to, and we'll need to continue to work hard and preserve those lands. That way, our children and our children's children can one day enjoy the lands that belong to all of us.

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