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Water Buffalo Charges Hunter in Australia

water buffalo

These two hunters got more than they bargained for when they found themselves on the wrong end of a water buffalo charge. 

Even though water buffalo don't have as big of a reputation for being aggressive as cape buffalo, they can still be pretty darn nasty if wounded or cornered. They can also weigh several hundred pounds more than a cape buffalo. Add it all up, and a water buffalo charge can be a very dangerous event.

Nathan Langer and Ryan Timms got to see firsthand just how scary a water buffalo charge can get on their recent hunt in Australia's Northern Territory.

Timms is the man filming and Langer is the one wearing the hat. After sighting the bull, Langer shoots it with his .375 H&H and then they start running after it as it enters a clump of trees.

Watch the video below to see how it all went down.


Talk about being too close for comfort!

Luckily, those guys were on their toes and made some good shots. Langer fired a shot at the buffalo, hoping to stop the charge. However, he missed the bull's head and hit it in the chest instead. Seeing that the buffalo wasn't going to stop, he dove out of the way and bull missed him by mere inches as it ran past.

Timms was standing a few yards away and took aim as the bull kept running. Once the buffalo was in the clear, Ryan fired a perfect shot from his .416 Rigby and dropped the bull in its tracks.

Nice work, guys! That looked like a heck of a hunt!

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Water Buffalo Charges Hunter in Australia