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WATCH: Cape Buffalo Charges Hunters in Crazy Clip

Watch as this intense Cape Buffalo charge as the buffalo attempts to turn the tables on the hunters pursuing him.

Here is another video demonstrating the legendary toughness and ill-tempered disposition Cape Buffalo are known for. As these hunters in South Africa attempt to follow a buffalo, it decides that it has had enough and they got to experience a Cape Buffalo charge at close range.

This video demonstrates just how quickly things can go wrong out in the bush.

As is common on many buffalo hunts, the vegetation was extremely thick. When the Cape Buffalo charge began in thick cover at close range, these hunters only had seconds to react. Luckily, they were on their toes and everyone except for the buffalo managed to walk away from the encounter.

Finally, this video also demonstrates just how dangerous Cape Buffalo hunting can be. Not only do buffalo occasionally injure and kill hunters, but it is very easy for a hunter to accidentally shoot one of his or her companions in the confusion of a Cape Buffalo charge. It is absolutely critical that everyone be sure of their target and what is beyond it. It doesn't matter if someone is killed by a buffalo or a stray rifle shot, they are just as dead.

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WATCH: Cape Buffalo Charges Hunters in Crazy Clip