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You Laugh, You Lose: The 8 Steps of Listening to Kanye West

bad music

YouTuber Uncle Rob teaches us the correct method for dealing with Kanye West and other forms of exceedingly bad music.

Ever wonder why gasoline was invented? I bet you thought it was made to create a controlled, explosive force inside of an engine block to move pistons and therefore turn the drive shaft, thereby moving the wheels.

Whatta bunch of dummies we've been.

Along comes the, ahem... venerable Uncle Rob: loose cannon and overall K. West music hater with his gasoline can and a remote control to prove how wrong we've been all this time.

You're welcome.

He had me at number eight, but lite beer??

Anyway, if in fact you need to remove Mr. West from your play list please try to do it in an orderly fashion such as using the delete button.

Playing with gasoline is exceedingly dangerous and can cause injury or even death. If you truly want to burn some gasoline then please put it in the gas tank of your car or truck.

And if you still want to burn some Kanye West, just bust up the CD and stuff it in there too.

Ya'll be good.


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You Laugh, You Lose: The 8 Steps of Listening to Kanye West