Sportsmen's Laugh of the Week: Dude Tries to Ride His Sled Up a Tree

Ever have one of those days when your snowmobile just won't stay in the tree? This is one of those days.

First of all, nobody got hurt in this video except the guy's pride (and backside).

Given that all his friends had already made it across the stream and up onto the bank, he had to get there or be square. Luckily for him, one of his buddies was there to capture the whole thing on video so he could watch it over and over, along with everybody else.

You knew he was in trouble when you saw the front end of the sled come up off of the creek! Yeah, you definitely have to get your machine rolling to get it across some water, but that guy went just a little too far.

Ya think?!

Maybe the best part was watching his stumbling reaction to the event of the day. Let's hope that there wasn't any alcohol involved and this was just a case of too much throttle.

Big cheers to this guy for being able to laugh at himself and share this with the rest of us!