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You Can Fish for Free on Public Texas Waters on June 1

Yes, for one day, you don't need a fishing license whatsoever.

The most serious of Texas fishermen could probably care less about a free one-day fishing license, as the majority of us have already bought some kind of annual license. But that definitely doesn't mean free fishing licenses are worthless.

Every year, I buy a "Super Combo" package, which includes both a hunting license and a fishing license. I also get all the permits I'll need throughout the year, which usually include just about everything. However, I often run into the issue of wanting to bring a friend, but he or she is reluctant to pay for a whole year-long license.

Well, problem solved! Now we have a reason to take that person fishing, while offering little to no room for excuses.

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On June 1, anglers can fish on any public body of water in the Lone Star State without a license.

Here's a list from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department of all the public waters you can fish.

Additionally, the TPWD offered up tips regarding quite a few events going on around the state, which you can find right here.

If you don't live in Texas and you're curious about how your state does things, you can refer to a previous article where we break down free fishing days for all 50 states.