M32 Grenade Launchers
Images via Milkor USA

Back in 2020, a Company Was Selling Army Trade-In M32 Grenade Launchers for $15,000

A small collection of Army trade-in M32 grenade launchers are being sold off by Milkor.

Milkor USA, Inc. just announced the release and sale of several original Army-issue M32 grenade launchers, capable of firing six 40mm grenades in less than 3 seconds, for the eye-opening cost of $15,000 (not including added taxes and shipping).

Just 53 units in total are available, and they're getting scooped up quickly despite the steep price tag. As the Special Forces launcher of choice, the M32 has withstood the rigorous MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD testing procedures put forth by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Similar to their M32A1 models, the grenade launchers are the semi-auto 40mm "weapon of record" for the USMC and US DOD. It's hand-held, gas-operated, and takes all DODIC NATO and Standard 40mm (40x46mm) Low Velocity, Lethal, and Less Lethal grenades.

The six-shot grenade launcher boasts pinpoint accuracy up to 125 meters, and has a maximum range of 400 meters.

M32 Grenade Launcher

If you buy one it will come with the M32 Grenade Launcher, an M2A1 Reflex Sight, a carry bag, a sling, and a 40mm cleaning kit. Can you imagine how big those cleaning brushes need to be?!

Those who go in for the purchase will be responsible for all taxes, transfer costs, and any other applicable fees, and Milkor is requiring full payment to begin ATF transfer paperwork (understandably so). If there's a denial on a Form 4, Milkor will refund everything except a $200 processing fee. Naturally, all guns are sold as-is, and Milkor requires all buyers sign an end-user agreement.

Milkor did admit that not all components and accessories on the 52 launchers are original issued equipment, and some are upgraded or repaired. It's not exactly the same as a refurbished cell phone, but they're all functional and may have signs of use or customization by the original user.

In fact, the release mentioned that "some launchers may have squad markings etched or painted on the exterior," which actually sounds pretty cool. Owning a piece of United States Armed Forces history like that would be quite appealing for some.

If a 40mm grenade launcher used by the U.S. Military has been on your target list, now would be the time to act.