Travis Smola

Yoga Mats for Sterilized Ann Arbor Deer? Yes, Really!

The yoga mats would aid in deer recovery from surgery.

If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you've probably heard of the urban deer controversy in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For the last few years, authorities have made cull and sterilization efforts to help keep the herd in check. White Buffalo Inc. is currently leading efforts sterilize up to 26 more does by removing their ovaries. reports extremely cold temperatures during the operations have caused some interesting purchases to help aid the animals' recovery.

Bob McGee, the president of Ann Arbor Residents for Non-Lethal Deer Management decided to buy yoga mats. However, White Buffalo may also be using camping mats during medical procedures.

The idea is to put the sedated animals on the mats after their hour-long procedure to recover in lieu of leaving them in the cold snow. Eventually, the animal gets up and leaves on its own.

But, there's still a punchline to this idea that anyone familiar with Ann Arbor understands. McGee told the joke already going around is, "Well of course, Ann Arbor deer get yoga mats."

It's just the latest odd headline in the saga of the Ann Arbor deer over the last few years. There have been some weird ones regarding this hot-button issue. There have been multiple lawsuits filed in the past to stop culling efforts, and at one point, a memorial service was held for culled deer.

Last year was the first year Ann Arbor tried a sterilization effort. They performed procedures on 54 animals, one of which they later had to euthanize.

Anti-hunt activists will likely still be riled up this year, since White Buffalo is still hoping to cull 250 deer Jan. 8-31. We don't think we've seen the last headline of 2018 regarding the Ann Arbor deer herd.