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Ann Arbor Abruptly Halts Deer Cull in 10 City Parks

deer cull

Sharpshooters will continue work in 14 other parks for now.

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s controversial deer cull has come to an end in 10 of the city’s parks.

The deer cull has been a hot topic of conversation for months, and city officials drew harsh criticism from citizens since they approved the use of sharpshooters back in August. Residents were so upset over the cull, they packed city council meetings, protested on roadways, and even filed a lawsuit at the last minute in a failed effort to stop it.

Certain parks in Ann Arbor are closed to public use on weekdays between 4 and 7 p.m. while U.S. Department of Agriculture sharpshooters work to lower the population of deer.

The cull is still scheduled to go until March 1, but Michigan Radio reports the city is re-opening Arbor Hills nature area, Braun Nature Area, Dhu Varren Woods Nature Area, Foxfire South Nature Area, Foxfire West Nature Area, Narrow Gauge Nature Area, Oakridge Nature Area, Oakwoods Nature Area, Onder Nature Area and Traver Creek Nature Area.

Michigan Radio says there is no comment from the city on if the public backlash against the hunts had any influence in the matter. The city is saying the decision to halt the cull in these park was determined by operational assessments.

There’s been no comment as to the status of the remaining 14 parks where the cull is taking place. It will remain to be seen if operations continue to their scheduled end date on March 1.


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Ann Arbor Abruptly Halts Deer Cull in 10 City Parks