YETI's Free New Streaming Service Let's You Live Stream Streams

YETI Coolers is giving us what we need in our content feed: a live stream of scenic streams.

The new streaming service is called YETI+, and it's the greatest place to stream, well, streams.

Here's what the brand, known for their killer coolers, had to say about their new offering:

We'll be back outside before you know it. Until then, kick back, grab a cold one, and wet your appetite for the wild with one of our streams.

Since the spring of 2020 has delivered less-than-ideal circumstances, stay-at-home orders have become a way of life for the majority of the American public. Most areas allowed, and even encouraged, outdoor recreation as a way for folks to safely amuse themselves during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Others took exception, and made it known that boating and chartered fishing services were not viewed as "essential activities." As a result, those who wished to follow the rules were stuck at home, unable to fish anywhere.

Brands stepped up across the landscape, especially in the outdoor industry, and this is one of YETI's ways of providing that escape that so many of us were in desperate need of.

Known as big fans of the fly fishing lifestyle, YETI made great use of the calming, soothing scenes of some of the globe's best-looking rivers. Don't you just want to send a cast into any one of those prime examples of fishable water?

Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, and Texas are well-represented, plus a few others to mix up the visuals. They're all based on several minutes of exactly what we need right now: beautiful creeks, the sound of trickling water, and a fresh sense of what the great outdoors are all about.

Stream one in the background while you're working, or break out your fishing gear or fly tying equipment and get to work while you watch. It'll be that much greater the next time you get out there and hit the water.