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YETI Strikes a Chord with "A Hunt"


"This journey. The people, the sheep, this place. I just feel really lucky."

Hunting is about so much more than the killing of an animal. It's about life lessons, nurturing new thoughts, new friendships, and overcoming adversity. Hunting is who we are. It's our being, and ultimately our purpose.

This latest short film produced by Ben Ayers and YETI tells the story of two very different landscapes and people. It's of Cole Kramer, leaving behind the familiarity of Alaska to face the unknown in Nepal with his guide Man Bahadur. It's about finding oneself - the challenges, the new faces, the eye-opening experiences.

Beautifully shot in stark black and white, this cinematic wonder tells an engaging story in a simplistic and endearing way. It's not only a search for a blue sheep, but that ever-enriching journey one takes until the moment the trigger is ultimately pulled.

Let hunting guide you on a path to discovery this season. It's never truly about the kill; yet always about the experience.

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YETI Strikes a Chord with "A Hunt"