tarpon obsession

YETI Releases Latest Short Film Glorifying the Tarpon Obsession

If you have fished for tarpon, odds are good you developed a tarpon obsession. Yeti understands that. 

When the Fly Fishing Film tour made it's way across the US, it was greated by sold out shows everywhere it went. As one of those lucky few who was able to attend, it was a joy to behold. After every video, patrons of the venues hosting the tour would look around and give their commentary, whether good or bad. Perhaps none of the videos received more positive praise than this tarpon obsession video produced by Yeti.

Just give it look below and see for yourself. If you are like everyone else, you'll see real quick why this flick was such a hit.

When somebody is truly in their element and doing what they love, their personality shines and their passion just comes though. Watching David Mangum bring it on the flats fueling his tarpon obsession is exactly that. 

Thankfully, Magnum is a guide and shares this passion with anyone who is lucky enough to book a trip to chase these magnificent fish. Being hungry and always wanting more is what makes a better guide. However, as it was pointed out in the video, doing that for 20 years just might make you best.