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YETI's Escapist New Short Film Showcases Fishing Like Never Before

Backbone Media

If you want to make a fisherman, you take Carter Andrews' DNA and you put it in their blood.

His friends describe him as a "wild man" but on camera, he seems calm and relaxed. Carter Andrews is a man of the waters who today gets just as excited catching a fish as he did when he was eight years old.

YETI has been on a roll lately, showcasing ordinary people doing extraordinary things in a series of excellent short films, and this film is no exception. The short film "Carter" was produced, by Talweg Creative, in a way that makes you feel this man's passion. YETI's leaders and employees have been giving back and staying close with the communities in which they work. When you think of the outdoors today, you think of YETI.

The video below shows a life of an individual who has no friends who aren't fishermen. To me, that's passion, and maybe obsession, but overall, amazing.

There's no doubt this man is a fisherman; it is in his blood. Nature in itself is peaceful and can help take you out of the day-to-day hardships. Carter sets out to succeed when he fishes and relishes the rush of adrenaline when he does.

YETI is on a mission to show the world that it is okay to love the outdoors. From fishing to hunting, to riding bulls or rock climbing, if it makes you feel good, let no one stop you.

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YETI's Escapist New Short Film Showcases Fishing Like Never Before