Grizzly Brawl
YouTube: Dave Angelescu Photography

Yellowstone Visitor Videos Brutal Grizzly Brawl Over Elk Carcass

These grizzlies battle over the rights to an elk carcass as they fatten for winter.

Now that we are in October most bears across the country are in final preparations for hibernation. That means loading up on as much as they can eat so their fat reserves will see them through the longer winter months until spring. Just recently we saw what a hungry, determined bear can do when a visitor to Yellowstone National Park caught a grizzly on film killing a full-grown bull elk.

While the grizzly that killed the elk finished feeding on it, there is still plenty of meat to go around for the other scavengers of the park. Just a little over five days later, a new grizzly has dug up that same elk carcass and is now feeding and re-burying part of it for later in a new location.

Park visitors were watching this scene when a second grizzly happens to wander by hoping for a meal of his own. What follows is a brief, but brutal fight between the two large bears. The entire incident was captured on camera. The fight starts around the four-minute mark.

Dave Angelescu Photography says in the video's description on YouTube that this video was shot on September 26. Knowing where the carcass was, the photographer set up nearby hoping to capture some action and the result is this spectacular footage.

One thing that was notable here was the speed that the collared bear sprang into action to defend its kill. It only took a few seconds for that huge bruin to spring into action. This is a prime example of why you must give bears space. No human on earth could outrun that bear.

While this footage may brutal and raw, this is nature at its finest. There are not many wild places left in America where just anyone can go an experience a scene like this one and that is why Yellowstone is one of our favorite places on the planet!

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