grizzly bear brawl
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Wildlife Viewers Find Themselves in Middle of Grizzly Bear Brawl

Being a bear guide in Alaska comes with its complications.

When you go out into the Alaskan wilderness, you're assuming a certain risk. It's no secret the Last Frontier has some of the largest, most dangerous wildlife in North America, and no one knows that better than the professional guides who are in the middle of it every day.

In this particular clip, we have a grizzly bear viewing guide who was fortunate enough to stumble upon a fight between an aggressive boar and a protective sow.

In the video description, he explains how it isn't uncommon to see a boar attack cubs in order to mate with a sow and produce its own offspring, but even he probably didn't expect to find himself to be surrounded by grizzly bears as a result.

He also offers his theory in both the description and the actual footage of why this happened. He claims the bears were using the human group as protection while they too watched the bear brawl unfold.

What do you think? Was he right?

Watch the video below:

As someone who is far from an expert on bear behavior, his theory checks out to me. Additionally, he seemingly handled what could've been a disastrous situation with great dexterity, keeping his guests safe while still managing to snap a few photos and videos.

The craziest part for me is how calm this group was able to stay. How did they stay so calm and still as those bears were standing up right behind them?

These people clearly trusted their guide!