YouTube: The Fish Whisperer

Largemouth Bass Strike Waterdogs in Slow Motion

Kyle Naegeli, aka The Fish Whisperer, is known for a variety of fishing content. But perhaps more than anything else, his high-definition, slow-motion fish feeding videos have gained a cult-like following. Because he's essentially trained the fish to come eat when he walks out to the bank, they're all ready to strike as soon as he throws something out. He doesn't stick to one think either, as he'll try a wide variety of different baits, but this time he's going even bigger with some waterdogs, which are simply salamander larvae.

Watch the video below:

As a fisherman, it's hard not to feel a little jealous of Naegeli, as I'd love to just experiment with different baits. Having trophy-class bass in your backyard would offer the opportunity for an angler to learn a lot about fish behavior and habitat, which shows in all of Naegeli's fishing success.

It's wild to see how big of a bait a largemouth bass will strike, as these waterdogs seem huge. He says early on that he bought a dozen of them from a local bait shop, but who would've ever guessed he'd burn through all of them this quickly?

Have you ever tried using waterdogs for bass? If so, how well did they work? I could see these absolutely slaying flathead catfish when baited on a catfish rig, but the idea of bass fishing with something this big kind of amazes me.

For more slow-motion fish feeding videos, be sure to check out Naegeli's YouTube channel, as there are a whole boatload just like this one.