X-Stand's Patron Hang-On Stand Provides Comfort Every Hunt

A hang-on stand that's so comfortable, it's hard to believe.

I've come to love hunting from hang-on stands more than any other style. They're fairly easy to set up, more secrete and you can fit them into trees that ladder stands and climbers can't get to.

I often find myself hunting out of whatever I can get a deal on at the time. In the past, many of my hang-ons have been very functional and practical, but they lack comfortability. That's where the Patron from X-Stand takes the cake. It's undoubtedly the best hang-on stand I currently own.


As you can see in the photo above, the Patron just sits well in a tree. Similar to a lawn chair with a mesh seat and back rest, the Patron doesn't have the typical tight and miserable feel of most hang-ons.

Come rut, all-day sits are a common occurrence for hunters who are planning on tagging mature bucks, so a comfortable seat goes a long way. You can sit all day in comfort without your rear end falling asleep or your back kinking up from poor posture.

This stand blew me away after sitting in it for an early-season archery hunt this year.



It almost felt as if I sitting in my living room rather than 20 feet in the air, waiting on a deer. It's honestly kind of odd, as hang-on stands aren't supposed to feel like this.

I'm excited to put some long hours in come November, and hopefully they'll pay off with a bruiser of a buck.


Here's a quick rundown of the stand dimensions:

  • Construction: Steel
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Platform size: 23 inches wide, 30 inches deep
  • Seat size: 19.5 inches wide, 15 inches deep
  • Stand weight: 25 pounds


The well-engineered design of the Patron makes for a very sturdy stand. Made of steel, it's a bit heavy at 25 pounds, but I don't see that as an issue because you won't be carrying it around as a mobile hunter.



Both the seat and backrest are on hinges, so you can fold them up or down for a safe entrance and exit. The platform can seem a little small when moving around for a shot, but that's when the folding feature really shines.

Another great feature is a built-in footrest, which only adds to the comfort.

The Quick Hitch receiver is also really helpful. It makes it easy to adjust the level of the entire stand, seat and platform, depending on the angle of the tree. This helps you get in the perfect spot in the woods by moving the pin to the next hole until you're sitting level.

X-Stand X-Stand

A Quality Choice...

To any hunter who plans on long sits, I highly recommend this stand. As I hit on above, it's built incredibly well and sits closer to a piece of furniture than a tree stand. With two attachment points, the stand is extremely safe and secure.

The all-day sits will be much easier from a Patron X-Stand than anything else I've ever owned. I can assure you there won't be any options on the market that are more comfortable. This stand is great combination of design and comfort for a quality choice. There's only one problem...I wish I had more.

Be sure to check out the Patron at X-Stand's website, as well as all the other great products they manufacture.

Hunt hard, be safe and good luck this season!