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The Scout from Canyon Coolers is a Perfect-Sized Cooler for Your Outdoor Adventure

Built for adventure, the Scout from Canyon Coolers is specifically designed to withstand those rugged experiences that outdoorsmen put on their equipment at a perfect size.

Mud, blood, dirt, beverages and damage.

They're all things that this Scout Cooler from Canyon Coolers was built for. Its rugged design was built by outdoorsman for outdoorsman, and the 21-quart size is perfect for those quick adventures, short hunting trips, or just a day spent grilling with the family.

Small and Mighty

A lot of new age coolers are incredible, but they are so big and heavy, sometimes they can be a pain. The Scout is 16 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 15.3 inches tall at its largest points, but it is still has a 21 quart carrying capacity, making it extremely convenient.

Canyon Coolers

The size makes it ideal for carrying, and you can sling it over your shoulder with a comfortable, Made in Montana® shoulder strap. When I had it filled with ice and beverages, the weight was barely noticeable with the strap comfortably set on my shoulder.

Perfect for fishing trips or hunting trips, the Scout doesn't take up much space, allowing you to fit your other gear accordingly. Rather than dragging a 75- or 125-quart cooler around when you don't need that much space, you cantoss in the Scout and fill it up with backstraps, duck breast, or fresh fish after your next adventure.

Canyon Coolers

Separation From the Rest

There are a few features that I think make this cooler such a great option against others on the market. Do other coolers have these features? Sure, but I haven't found one that combines them all this effectively.

One simple yet very practical aspect is the drain plug. The Scout's plug unscrews, but it is not capable of coming out. I have had many coolers in the past where the entire plug will come out. That's asking for you to lose the plug and in turn make the cooler completely useless and ineffective.

Canyon Coolers


It can be strapped down, has sticky feet, and feels really strong and sturdy.

The bungee system on the cooler is an awesome feature. With the 14 attachment points, you can pack anything you would like to the top of the cooler. Hunting clothes, tackle boxes, and pretty much anything you can squeeze under the bungee chord.

Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers

I look forward to break the Scout in a little more on my next hunting trip. As you can see above, the size and bungee system make it perfect for a quick trip to God's great grocery store, the wild.

Ice Retention

Now of course, when you spend money on a cooler, you want to make sure it does it's most important job. And that would be holding ice for long periods of time. The Scout is designed with World-Class ice retention technology. By supporting a thicker insulation and more durable hardware than any other premium coolers on the market today, combined with the latching system and the best air tight seal I have seen, holding ice is no problem with this small cooler.

The latching system on these coolers is by far the best I have seen on a cooler in terms of sealing tight to keep coldness from leaking, not to mention the latches are perfectly designed to help hold the lid tight at all times.

As you can see in this video, the latching system is simple, yet effective, and you can literally hear the suction break loose when opening the lid.

I can ramble on about this cooler, but you guys get the drift. This is an amazing option that is in a practical size to fit many situations. Obviously, many trips and scenarios are going to call for more cooler space. So, this isn't going to be a cooler you would take on a week long back country elk hunt.

But more times than not, this cooler with suffice for most situations you will find yourself in. I am excited to put this Scout to good use this hunting season and many more adventures to come.

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