Jeep Wranglers Just Broke an All-Time Auto Sales Record

As auto sales remain sluggish around the country, Jeep Wranglers are pulling their weight.

The Jeep Wrangler has always seemed to be in a class of its own, like the cool uncle kind of doing his own thing in the family. And Jeep, as a company, has always liked to do things to the beat of its drum. Apparently they take this way of living to heart when it comes to auto sales too as March spelled a record-breaking month for the Wrangler.

According to CNBC, the Wrangler busted auto sales for the month of March by shipping nearly 28,000 units off auto lots nationwide. That's a 70 percent jump year over year. Jeep must be juicing or something because that's massive.

Smaller Size, Bigger Sales

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Even though auto sales numbers are barely peeking their head out from the hole they've been in for years—shots fired, mid-sized sedans—the trend for car buyers has been to invest confidently in trucks and compact SUV's. Jeep is seeing a pretty damn good year in general so far with a 45 percent overall increase. In fact, one of its compact SUV's, the Cherokee, also sold nearly 24,000 vehicles in March.

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"Jeep has had a phenomenal month," said Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive, which tracks the industry. "It is really well aligned with the market, in part because of the heavy focus on SUVs in the market. That is what they do."

Updates, Updates Everywhere

Jeep added some redesigned touches to its 2018 Jeep Wrangler models, offering more comforts than previous years'/decades' models. It's still considered an off-road god with things like roll cages and locking differentials that traditionalists still flock to.

But the newest version sports upgraded features like a push-button ignition and a fourth-generation Uconnect infotainment system. Other than that, Jeep just keeps trucking along with its classic standby appeal and it's obviously working.

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