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Would You Buy Chainmail Socks?

chainmail socks

Do you wish you could walk barefoot everywhere?

Well, why not armor your feet with chainmail socks?

Would you buy a pair of these?

Chain-Linked Socks Protect Your Feet From Anything

Broken glass is no match for these chain-linked socks.

Posted by I Want That on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Walking barefoot in the wild is a very freeing experience. That is until you step on a thorn, broken glass or any number of real trail or waterway hazards.

In a video I Want That shared on Facebook, we see an invention that might change all of that. Chainmail socks to protect feet might really catch on.

Would you buy GoST-Barefoot chainmail socks priced at $300 for your next adventure?

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Would You Buy Chainmail Socks?