This Is the World's Smallest Vehicle That Can Legally Ride the Roads

Apparently this tiny little toy-looking pickup truck is the world's smallest vehicle that can legally take to the streets.

In what looks like a chromed-out circus car, this tiny little pickup is actually the world's smallest vehicle that can, by law, take to the streets just like any other car out there.

Created by Texan Austin Coulson in 2012, this little toy pickup measures in at 24 inches in height, just over two feet wide, and just over four feet in length. Coulson painted it with a P51 Mustang military aircraft theme, an ode to his grandfather who served during WWII. The world's smallest vehicle is licensed to be driven up to 25 miles per hour on actual streets, so the next time you're in Carrollton, Texas, look out for this little sucker.

Check out the video below:

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