World’s “Fastest Crash Test" Using Store Mannequins

This is Smashing: World’s Fastest Crash Test Using Store Mannequins

In this clip, watch the "world's fastest crash test" using a concrete block and a hapless Ford Focus.

The entire process of the world's fastest crash test is covered, from wheeling the vehicle into position to a special winch setup generating 15,000-pound-feet of torque, the equivalent to 15 Bugatti Veyrons, allowing it to travel at 120 miles per hour in a controlled environment.

According to the Daily Mail, the potential for damage was so great, the show opted for house storefront mannequins over expensive, sensor-equipped dummies.

In the end, the crash from Fifth Gear generates enough force to flip 90 degrees on its nose, hitting 120 to 0 miles per hour in less than a second. Although this scenario is highly unlikely to play out in real-world conditions, it remains a sight of caution for would-be daredevils.

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