World's Biggest Lure

The World's Biggest Lure Is Just Ridiculous to Fish

There is no doubt that sometimes fishing can be silly. Sometimes, when things are slow, you can't help but do something dumb to have a little fun. At least we think that's what's going on with popular YouTuber Jon B in one of his latest videos. Because he just ordered what's claimed to be the world's largest fishing lure from Australia. This is essentially a nearly 5-foot-long version of a classic Rapala floating minnow.

Unfortunately, customs confiscated the bill of the lure. So, Jon's first order of business is to build a new bill for the lure out of plexiglass. After a quick trip to Home Depot, he heads out to a nearby lake and just starts messing with people by trying to fish the gigantic lure in front of them. Perhaps the funniest part of this video is how most of the other anglers on the lake don't seem to notice or care that he's doing something that's totally ridiculous.

This is totally dumb, but we love it. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun and laugh at yourself. It's great to see Jon still does that with how large the Googan brand has grown the last few years. Although we do hope they take this thing out to some saltwater just to see what happens if they can get a shark interested in it. We're sure an especially aggressive one would be willing to at least take a taste test.

Perhaps the funniest part here is the two guys at the dock. They basically had no reaction at all to Jon fishing this ridiculous bait past them. Our best guess is they were not paying attention. It's either that or they realized this was a classic Googan Squad prank and decided to roll with it. We'll be looking forward to more videos with this lure in the future!

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