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World Record for Clay Shooting Distance Broken By the Gould Brothers

Watch as these guys use a Winchester shotgun to destroy the clay shooting distance world record.

How far of a shot do you think you could make on a clay target?

Going long range isn't always the main objective with sporting clays, but the Gould brothers don't care about that. Known for their incredible trick shots and unsurmountable feats, these guys have a better chance than most.

And they went for it, attempting to beat the clay shooting world record for distance on video.

They used a Winchester SX3 Longbeard with a Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot sight and the Winchester XR shotgun shells in No. 5 shot.

Those tools, plus the uncanny skills of these talented shooters, combined to surpass what most of us think is even possible.

There you have it, a new world record for longest shot on a clay pigeon!

Sort of makes your last trip to the shooting range seem a little less impressive huh?

Interestingly enough, entries for Guinness World Records with a rifle aren't allowed to be assisted by scopes, in an effort to maintain a consistent playing field. Shotgun shooting records, on the other hand, can use red dots and still be eligible.

If the Gould brothers can hit that, they probably don't have much difficulty nailing pheasants from 20 yards.