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The Gould Brothers' Shotgun Trick Shots: Throw 'n' Load Edition

gould brothers shotgun trick shots

The Gould Brothers do it again, this time with the Throw 'n' Load edition of their continuously amazing shotgun trick shots series.

The concept of these shots is quite simple. You take an unloaded shotgun, throw a clay in the air, load the shotgun, then shoot the clay. The execution... well, that's worthy of calling in the Gould Brothers.

In their most recent trick shot video, the Gould Brothers make a pretty comedic and creative compilation of their Throw 'n' Load shotgun trick shots. It includes some behind the back, above the head, and all over the place shots that will leave you in awe.

Below is a video of them doing their thing.

Hard work pays off for these two, as they have turned their passion for shooting shotguns into a career. They perform live exhibition shows around the country and have several videos available on their website.

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The Gould Brothers' Shotgun Trick Shots: Throw 'n' Load Edition