You Won't Believe How Close This Guy Gets to a Sleeping Coyote

Not sure who it scared more, the coyote or the human?

If you have hunted coyotes before, you know how incredibly good their sense of smell can be. If they get downwind of over.

Playing the wind is crucial. But this guys uses the wind to a whole new level.

A really tired coyote, strong winds, and a loud cornfield looks to be the secret recipe though. Check out how stinking close this guy gets to this coyote!

Coyotes are on high alert all the time, and they survive because of their ability to sneak up on prey. So sneaking up on a coyote just doesn't happen. And that is why this video is catching so much attention.

If you look closely, you can actually see the coyote blinking. The man gets incredibly close and then the gig is up; the coyote is off to the races.

But, we aren't sure who it surprised more, as you can see and hear the man filming get pretty spooked.

That is something you don't see everyday!

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