coyotes on posts

Ever Seen Coyotes Hung on Fence Posts as Far as the Eye Can See?

One of the more interesting things you will see today. A little drive-down predator lane.

Coyotes are thick in some parts of the country. Especially in places like Texas and Oklahoma. On the way to pump a well in Oklahoma, Larry Burns sees a sight he has seen every year for 10 years.

Coyotes lined all the way down the road for a very lengthy section hanging on fence post. Although he has witnessed this every year, he still has no clue who's doing it and has never seen anyone partaking in the work.

Looks like predator control is in full swing here:

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Although we are sure showing the kills in this manner is going to offend many, it still doesn't change the fact that is some impressive numbers and whoever is doing it is having a heck of coyote hunting year. Can you imagine driving up on this sight? Pretty wild.

Very unlikely to hit any critters crossing this road though. With that many coyotes in the area, we doubt there is a rabbit, raccoon, or mouse for miles.

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